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Two recent paintings

Here’s a watercolour of the Connemara mountains and an oil of the calm early morning light you can sometimes see over the Exe Estuary in Devon where I live.

Connemara mountains
Early morning light, Exe Estuary
art, Devon, watercolours

The Bridge in Sepia

This is the iconic Bridge Inn, Topsham in moody sepia. The Bridge is popular with good beer lovers and has been run by the same family for over one hundred years. It’s also the only pub in England that has had an official visit from the Queen! Sepia is a good medium in watercolour to concentrate on tone- they key to any painting.

The Bridge Inn Topsham

Acrylics, art, Devon, Exe Estuary

Experimenting with gesso and acrylics

Here’s a couple of Exe Estuary efforts . I used gesso towards the bottom of each board to give an uneven surface with would produce texture in the foreground. I was using the recent beautiful paintings by Ray Balkwill as an inspiration. His are much much better than these efforts but I learned a lot for future reference.

art, Exe Estuary, watercolours

Two monochrome watercolours

I was experimenting with monochrome the other day and sloshed some water and watercolour on some old bits of paper. I tried sepia at first but didn’t like the results so tried Payne’s Grey -make sure it’s Winsor and Newton Professional quality as it’s blue where as many others are a kind of dirty black. Anyway , with no drawing and precious little planning I came up with two pictures that could be the Exe Estuary where I live!