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Watercolour demonstration

I had a great time on Thursday talking to Creative arts students as part of the Festival of Discovery at the University of Exeter about watercolour impressionists such as Edward Seago, Edward Wesson and John Hoar. Then I did a quick demo in the style of the latter. The students were fantastic in their responses. Here’s the demonstration

Light on the water-Connemara
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Painting in Norfolk

Famous the world over for its light and huge variety of painterly subjects, I’ve spent two days mainly plein air painting in North Norfolk with John Hoar around Brancaster Staithe and Burnham Overy Staithe. Here are the (mixed) results. It’s an inspiring place to paint.

art, Devon, Exmoor, Line and wash, painting, watercolours

Around Exmoor

Beginning a series of paintings across and around Exmoor. Exmoor is an area of hilly moorland situated in West Somerset and north Devon . It is also the source of the River Exe, which gives it, and the city of Exeter, its name. Here are two hamlet/villages around the gateway to the moor; the little churchyard at George Nympton ( near the town of South Molton) and Bolham near the town of Tiverton.

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Recent watercolours 

Here are two fairly local scenes. (1) a remote Exmoor cottage called Badgercombe ( John Hoar) took us there on one of his wonderful painting courses (2) one of my very favourite views of the Clifton Suspension bridge over the Avon Gorge at Bristol. I never tire of this view and it brings to mind my beautiful son, his wife and their two beautiful children who used to live in Clifton. 

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Simple watercolour

I’m constantly striving to simplify my watercolours as much as possible. The great water colourists like Edward Wesson and more recently John Hoar produce such beautiful, fresh and simple paintings that they look easy. But they are not. To achieve simplicity in watercolour is one of the hardest things to do in painting. It requires a minimum of washes and you really have to know exactly what you are doing. If you need to ‘go over’ anything then you ruin it, essentially. So I was quite pleased with this effort, which is a view of Benbulbin, a curious rock formation, in Co. Sligo. Ireland. Keeping the foreground interesting but very simple is the key.