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Two watercolours

Enjoying a return to watercolour painting. Here are two very different studies: Pink Camellia amongst the daffodils and Landacre, River Barle, Exmoor. Both painted as freely and loosely as my ability allows.

Pink Camellia amongst the daffodils
Landacre, River Barle, Exmoor
Devon, flowers, oils, watercolours

Two recent paintings

Two paintings, one oil and one watercolour. The oil is of Ladram Bay looking over to Sidmouth on the Jurassic coast in East Devon with its characteristic red sandstone cliffs. The watercolour is a quick and loose sketch of some orange roses in our garden.

Ladram Bay
Orange roses
art, flowers, Vale of Evesham, Worcestershire

Giving an impression

I suppose as I improve as a painter that I get better at giving an impression of a subject whether it be a landscape, towns spec or flowers. Here is a quick painting of some flowers, which I did as a demo recently. I wasn’t interested in botanical accuracy but rather I was interested in conveying the ‘bunchiness’ of flowers.

The second painting is looking down Priest Lane towards the Abbey in Pershore, Worcestershire. I chose Sepia to convey the tones which adds, I hope, to a believable composition.

Spring flowers
Pershore Abbey
art, flowers, watercolours

More flowers

I’m off to Ireland next Sunday to paint landscapes – nowhere more beautiful for that- so I’m enjoying some studio time with flowers- anyone who likes John Hoar will recognise my attempts to paint flowers like him- as impressionistic and free. I am striving to achieve the ‘bunchiness’ of flowers rather than anything particularly accurate. The white flowers are daisies however !

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Loose flower paintings

Here are three quickly painted vases of flowers; two feature blue anemones and the other I’ve titled ‘The last of the summer flowers’. Flowers are very difficult to paint loosely- there’s always a temptation to try and be too realistic and hence produced a spotty lifeless study. As John Hoar says about flower painting. ‘You have to take your courage in your hands, splash away and hope for the best!’