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Two recent paintings

Here’s a watercolour of the Connemara mountains and an oil of the calm early morning light you can sometimes see over the Exe Estuary in Devon where I live.

Connemara mountains
Early morning light, Exe Estuary
art, Devon, Exe Estuary, oils, painting

Two more oils

I attended another brilliant Hester Berry workshop in Braunton (North Devon) recently where we painted a view of the Burrows. After being inspired by Hester I then painted a sunrise over the Exe Estuary in Topsham where I live (from one of many photos taken in the early morning . This one was from a photo taken last October).

Braunton Burrows
Sunrise over the Exe Estuary in Topsham
Acrylics, art, Devon, Exe Estuary

Experimenting with gesso and acrylics

Here’s a couple of Exe Estuary efforts . I used gesso towards the bottom of each board to give an uneven surface with would produce texture in the foreground. I was using the recent beautiful paintings by Ray Balkwill as an inspiration. His are much much better than these efforts but I learned a lot for future reference.

art, Exe Estuary, watercolours

Two monochrome watercolours

I was experimenting with monochrome the other day and sloshed some water and watercolour on some old bits of paper. I tried sepia at first but didn’t like the results so tried Payne’s Grey -make sure it’s Winsor and Newton Professional quality as it’s blue where as many others are a kind of dirty black. Anyway , with no drawing and precious little planning I came up with two pictures that could be the Exe Estuary where I live!

Acrylics, art, Devon, painting

Sunset over Devon; acrylic on canvas

Although I love watercolour as a medium that best expresses the beauty of the landscape, I do love the vibrancy and texture of acrylic to provide drama in a painting. In general I think it’s best to use neat paint straight from the tube and avoid too much mixing, which can dampen the vibrancy. This painting is a view from the Exmouth side of the Exe Estuary looking over the Halden Hills.