Acrylics, art, Dublin, Ireland, Poolbeg Generating Station, Poolbeg Stack

Studies in acrylic

I haven’t painted in acrylic for a while so here are two studies of the Poolbeg Chimneys or Stack as they are colloquially known, Dublin Port. One is of an evening flight heading to the airport and the other a colourful dawn.

Acrylics, art, Devon, Ireland, painting, watercolours

Some recent paintings

A mixture here of recent efforts. There is a watercolour sketch of the lovely Dorset town of Wimbourne. This is the square with the Minster in the background. Great pubs here as well! There’s a watercolour of Autumn flowers painted in our kitchen that doubles up as a studio and Karen’s sewing workshop. And finally there’s an acrylic with the view of the sun going down over Karen’s uncle Pat’s and aunty Trish’s lovely home on the banks of the Shannon in Ireland.