art, Devon, Line and wash, watercolours

Blustery autumn day

I’m enjoying line and wash at the moment. I like doing scratchy trees so here’s a russet coloured autumn day of wind and showers. I do like the autumn.

art, Clifton Suspension Bridge, Line and wash, painting, watercolours

Line and wash

Sometimes I like to use a bamboo and matchstick ‘pen’ with Indian ink to create a picture to be then painted with watercolour. A matchstick is much better than a commercially bought pen because if you sharpen it into a wedge you can get both fine and thick lines and you can add texture by shading.

Here’s a picture of Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol UK using this method.

art, Ireland, Rye, watercolours, windmill

Two fast watercolours

Here are two quickly painted scenes- by quickly I mean as bold as I can, first wash quickly and confidently applied. Two very different days; a broody, cloudy, showery and windy day for the Windmill at Rye, East Sussex and a bright, clear day with the odd threat of a shower at St John’s Point, Donegal.,

art, Line and wash, painting, watercolours

The bridge at Mostar

Here is a bamboo and matchstick drawing with watercolour of the rebuilt bridge at Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina. The original bridge was destroyed on 9 November 1993 during the Bosnian war. The new bridge was opened in 2004. The picture was inspired by a recent trip made by a friend who posted pictures on Facebook. It is also closely modelled on a painting by my mentor John Hoar.