art, Exmoor, Malvern Hills, oils, Vale of Evesham, Worcestershire

Two watercolours and an oil.

Two watercolour landscapes of Heather on Exmoor and Heavy cloud over Woodbury Common in East Devon. The oil is one my very favourite views of the Vale of Evesham looking over towards Bredon Hill and The Malverns. The joy of painting.

Heather on Exmoor
Heavy Cloud over Woodbury Common
Looking over the Vale of Evesham
Acrylics, Malvern Hills, Vale of Evesham, Worcestershire

Acrylic landscape

Here is a view from Fish Hill, Worcestershire/Gloucestershire border above the village of Broadway and looking over the Vale of Evesham with Bredon Hill on the left and the Malvern Hills in the distance. It’s a view that I have lived for decades and I’m thrilled to have managed to capture it in paint. It’s painted on canvas board.


art, Malvern Hills, painting, watercolours, Worcester Cathedral, Worcestershire

Two Worcestershire watercolours

Here are two watercolours of iconic Worcestershire views (I lived in Worcestershire for over 30 years and have family and friends there too). Here we have the Malvern Hills from the Cotswold outcrop of Bredon Hill along with a view of Worcester Cathedral across the River Severn.