art, Dales, painting, Swaledale, watercolours

Yorkshire Dales

There are so many stunning locations for painting landscapes in the Dales. Here’s two paintings of the same location (near Thwaite in Swaledale ) in winter and autumn . Particularly interesting in this landscape are the stone barns in so many of the fields. Both are watercolours and painted as freely as I could. The greens ( by the way) are that bright in the sun. I got the very bright green by mixing Winsor Yellow with a touch of Winsor Blue (red shade). 

art, Dales, painting, watercolours

Dales landscape 

Another painting of the Yorkshire Dales. I think when you try and paint these scenes in watercolour you really have to be bold and take a chance. So I decided that my sky needed to be darker than the initial wash so I sloshed in a very dark grey, which I think has worked. I also took the sky over the far hills, particularly on the left in order to put that part of the painting in shadow. Some stronger shadows cast by the trees on the right helps lighten the near by fields. The small farm gives the painting scale .