art, Ireland, Line and wash, painting, watercolours

Five days in Connemara 

If you’ve never been to the west coast of Ireland, do! It’s one of the most beautiful places on the planet. I’ve had the great pleasure to stay for five days on the Renvyle Peninsular along the Wild Atlantic way;  in the Renvyle House Hotel with John Hoar and 20 or so other artists. Here is a selection of paintings from the first few days. They are of the coastline around here, the little nearby village of Tully Cross with its church , Renvyle House itself with its palm trees and lovely grounds; and some rhododendrons (picked from the hedgerows) and chrysanthemums. 

art, Dartmoor, Devon, painting, watercolours

Making a painting

Last week I spent a day on Dartmoor sketching. I was taken by this scene at Merrivale ( there is a disused granite quarry to the right of the big house. You can find this scene on the Ashburton to Tavistock road just past the Dartmoor Inn. The hill is Staple Tor. I sketched this on the spot , took a photo for reference and painted it in the studio. You will see that I have taken some artistic license ; I’ve made the buildings to the left of the house rather more attractive and I’ve put the distant hills of the moor in the distance which can’t be seen from the photo but are there and give the painting a better perspective.